Oumph! Bulgur Salad



2 packs thawed Oumph! the Spiced Kebab
400 ml Bulgur
800 ml water
1 vegetable stock cube
4 sprigs chopped kale
120g green olives
60g sun-dried tomatoes
5 tbsp lemon juice
4 pinches salt (or according to taste)
250ml plant based fraiche
1/4 cucumber
1 large garlic clove

Cooking Instructions:

Cook the bulgur according to the packet instructions, place the stock cube into the boiling water
Cut the olives and the sun-dried tomatoes into bite-sized pieces. Grate the cucumber.
Mix the bulgur, the olives, the tomatoes and the kale in a bowl. Drizzle with the lemon juice and sprinkle over salt. Set aside to cool.
Mix the grated cucumber with the plant-based fraiche, add a pinch salt and stir in the crushed garlic clove.
Thread the kebabs on the skewers (remember that they should be short enough to fit in your lunchbox!) and fry at medium heat!
Tuck in!
TIP: When you eat your lunch later, take out the skewers and place them on the upturned lid of the lunchbox. Heat the lid in the microwave but eat the salad and tzatziki cold.

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